Palm pixi updating prl

Update: Here are some screens for what your QPST profiles should look like to get provisioned and what profile 2 should look like to get EVDO working. ##3424 (send) if you use a Verizon ROM ##3424# for Sprint I am not sure which is used by Alltel, Telus, etc.

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If not click Add New Port and add the one that it has detected your phone on.

6) Edit Profile 1 (not Profile 0) and only that one.

Change the NAI to [Only Registered Users Can See Links Click Here To Register] (sets provisioning) 7) Go to PPP tab, change username and password for both UM/AN sections (repeat writes on this may be required for it to stick) 8) Go to ROAM tab, write your PRL as it may have changed after 1.1 update 9) Your connection should be up shortly or after reboot. Do the above than try this by cleanser: Quote: To get 1x working you may have to hit ##EVDO# and force it to 1x. (Test this with your browser) Load up QPST Go to the MIP tab: Dont touch profiles 0 and 1 Create a new profile (i used profile 2) input your settings NAI etc etc. And set as active go to mobile ip settings and set it as MIP SIP Write it.

Look at the COMMAND line at the bottom of QXDM, it should show " Mode: Streaming" if everything is working. Choose 2 rows using the dropdown, then click on the Address box and paste this address in: Code: 0x00A5C2AA You should see a 6 digit number on the right column followed by dots. Note, you can change it here as well by typing in a new number and clicking the Write button. Since you now have your SPC code it is very easy to get the pre on a new network.

Find the program called Terminal and install.[Only registered and activated users can see links] Now you need to turn on diagnostic mode that you may connect to QPST or cdma. If you can't choose the port, then go into your windows device manager and move the com port to a lower number under the advanced settings.

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