Pivot table filters not updating rsd dating skills review

With pivot tables, it's often the little things that are frustrating..doesn't show up when you refresh, number formatting goes missing, fields have weird names...things like that.

In this short video, we look at 10 common pivot table problems 10 easy fixes.

After the refresh the table comes up empty and I have to go to the filter and just click OK (the filter value is still defined there) to see the data in the pivot.

Why doesnt the filter get applied after the refresh?

In Pivot Table Options/Data there is an option called: "Number of items to retain per field" which default is set to automatic.

I believe this might be what causes it to work at random, and then suddenly change. Install BIDS Helper and open Your source code in Visual Studio.

I have a ppivot table in Excel 2007 which has a Label Filter on one of the date fields for "Greater then or Equal to" a certain date.

I have a macro that updates the source of the pivot table and refreshes it.

However, even tough this is working perfectly the issue emerges when we try to actually pre-define specific values in a filter slicer.Fix the keys or attribute relationships and your problem should be fixed.If you need help knowing how to fix it post a screenshot of Dimension Health Check here.In our BI infrastructure we're using Excel's pivot tables to expose the data in an Analysis Service instance (the cube), and thus far we have nothing to complain about.Excel "reports" can be defined containing pre-selected dimensions as rows, columns and filters, for example we can set the Time dimension as a column slicer, or the Country dimension as a filter slicer.Ghost items in Pivot Tables can confuse some users and many have struggled with how to dispense of ghost items in the past.However, using either of these two techniques will allow you to rid your Pivot Tables of ghost items with relative ease.Over time, some of the salespersons have resigned, and new ones have been hired.The old salespersons' names may still appear in the field list, although the data no longer includes records for them, even after refreshing the data. You can utilize two different approaches to remove ghost items.In the first approach, begin by removing the affected field from the Pivot Table. Finally, add the field back to the Pivot Table again.The ghost items will disappear from the affected item list.

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