Porter ranch dating

Victor and Nikki realized they still loved each other and decided to get married for real.

Diane didn't take this easily and decided to get revenge.

Keen on finding out if Diane was a good mother, Nikki tracked her down in Milan and went to see her.

Phyllis was the main suspect for arson, but was able to prove that Diane set it up to look like Phyllis wanted her dead. Diane's life got a bit better when Andy returned to Genoa City and they started dating again, but he left not long after he arrived.

Diane broke any attachment to Jabot and Jack decided to give her Kyle back.

In their divorce settlement, Diane got a board seat at Newman.

Diane was taken by surprise when she learned Victor had his sperm frozen at Robertson Labs, so she arranged to get it in order to get artificially inseminated.

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