Qt widget not updating reuters kobra not updating automatically

I have run into an interesting problem with WT, I have solved it, but I do not understand WHY my solution solved the problem.

I've dug through WT documentation for the widgets and have come up empty handed so far, so maybe someone who knows more about WT can help me out here.

There is however a bug in your code: you cannot just access the widget tree from a random thread without grabbing the update lock (WApplication:: Update Lock).

On Windows, this value is used when the ownership of the D&D data should be taken over by the target application, i.e., the source application should not delete the data. Some of these flags depend on whether the underlying window manager supports them.

See Do not check whether the image contains non-opaque pixels.

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Nothing connected to changed() means that nothing is interested in that specific event, and the browser will not notify the server when it happens.The way I fixed it was by connecting the combo box changed() signal to a do nothing function that I added to the class.With the addition of that function call when the selection changes, the "foo" and "goya" if statements worked properly, and printing out the current index of the combo box before the if statement confirmed that the index was now changing.Wt sends changes from the browser to the server when events happen.If your program is not interested in an event, this synchronisation will not take place (otherwise synchronisation would take place on every character of text you enter in an input box, on every mose movement, ....In particular, it determines whether a particular signal is delivered to a slot immediately or queued for delivery at a later time., except the current thread blocks until the slot returns. They are fairly unusual but necessary in a few cases. raw:: html This enum type is used to specify various window-system properties for the widget.Most existing modern window managers can handle this. You can set this flag if you want your widget to always be a toplevel widget on the desktop, regardless of whether the parent widget is embedded in a scene or not.Informs the window system that the window should stay on bottom of all other windows.

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