Random dating questions

Have you been naughty and had sex in a public place?

Have you ever felt horny while texting on the phone? If I was with you right now, what would you do to me?

You can ask your husband these questions and give your answer as well or take turns asking each other questions. Would you help me pick that outfit if I asked you to? Do you think we’d do something funny if we get drunk together? Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why? Who do you fantasize about when you think about sex? Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear? If you could be born again would choose to be a different sex to what you are? If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, what movie star would you want to kiss, and who would you notify that you are dying.92. You can watch them all in about a half an hour and you'll know almost everything you need to know.But there are a lot of women who post here who have flipped from TBM to apostate. What is the craziest sexual position you have pulled off? Does size matter, or is it what you can do with what you got that matters? What is the kinkiest thing someone has ever asked you to do? Besides condoms, how else can I protect myself from getting pregnant? If you are a magician, what part of my clothes that you would like to disappear? Have you ever done something embarrassing in front of your girlfriend?While we recognise there are other similar articles circulating online, this version of the game is meant to turn on your boyfriend. These sexy and dirty questions will not only seduce your boyfriend but will also allow both of you to discover how adventurous you can be.

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