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I am an electronics "GEEK" with a passion for experimenting, especially with RF (Radio Frequency power/waves) Ham radio is a hob... About Guys I Want To Meet: Muscular & masculine men. About Guys I Want To Meet: I like guys with interest in finding out new things, enemas, massage, and natural health, exploring the outdoors and getting away from crowds and the city. $.post(" About Me: I am an older guy, but in above average shape, muscular build, about 5'9" at 200 pounds. I have competed in powerlifting and armwrestling, and still like those sports! Add Me Skype is great tool that giving you authority to find out online skype users list and choose your like contacts and send those contact request.

The chat is totally free; no registration is required; chat looks quite popular.

Though slings for sex in the current parlance are rather awesome. Certified Natural/Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Graphic Design (print/web) Palm Springs, CA full... About Me: I AM 51 YR OLD , GL FIT SPANISH/ITALAIN MALE FROM NEW ORLEANS, LA.

I'm a mature, masculine top guy, and my other interests include music, travel, crosswords, underwear and naturism. About Guys I Want To Meet: I enjoy the company of younger guys (18-35), who should be slim, smooth, cute, submissive, non-smokers and sharing some interests. About Me: Long term survival of many '"slings and arrows of outrageous fortune'' (that's Shakespeare, guys) . About Guys I Want To Meet: More dominant man, top, any build, but taller than me and hairy a plus.

About Me: I'm traveling around the United States a lot these days gathering material for my two main creative endeavors: a new You Tube channel, homoabnormative, which features a mix of gut punching and muscle worship videos plus occasional commentary on various aspects of gay culture and its discontents. About Guys I Want To Meet: I love muscle, though the guy doesn't have to be bigger than me (the ones who gravitate toward me most often aren't). I enjoy lifting weights, bodybuilding, meal prep, rugby, reading and travel.

I also like a lot of young so-called twink types (especially if they've started putting on muscle), and they end up being my most common hookups. About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm open minded and interested in chatting or meeting anyone. I would like to make new friends to go out with, guys who can help motivate me in the gym, or a travel buddy. About Guys I Want To Meet: Fit, muscular guys - those that like to compete on the bodybuilding stage.

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