Realbasic progress bar not updating

In my activity, I have a button which starts the processing, when I press on it, the progress Bar does not update and after a while the operation is complete and I see the result of the processing (so the function is properly called and act as expected).

The progress Bar is visible, it just does not update.

Both of these techniques demonstrate how you can modify your existing projects so that they work well with Cocoa.

And even if your app does not need to run on Cocoa, you should still consider using these techniques.

Making it a value higher than 1 makes it fill up the whole bar. [SOLVED] With no width assigned it was using auto-width and only drawing as wide as the updated value.

So if it was trying to update to 33% from 100%, it would shrink the actual size of the bar down to that width as well.

Fortunately, there are other supported ways to accomplish this.

Perhaps the most obvious is to use a Timer in conjunction with the thread. Instead of having the thread access the UI, you have a Timer on your Window that periodically gets progress information from the thread (perhaps from a property).

I assume I am making some kind of silly, small error.

EDIT: I can get the value to change, but it is not behaving as I expect it to.

The described behavior in the documentation of passing a float between 0 and 1 tends to reduce whatever current value the bar holds.

Alas, even though this was frowned upon, it generally worked in most of your desktop apps.

Starting with 2013r1, this no longer works with Xojo for Cocoa apps.

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