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Dating should always be enjoyable, so do what you need to do to get into an enjoyable state of mind. unless it’s as fascinating as an episode of House and you can wrap it up in less than 15 minutes. Respect the time that your date is putting aside for you by first being brutally honest with yourself: How much time do you really have to spend dating in medicine? Have you built in some time so you can relax and decompress before you meet your date?Your schedule leaves little time to initiate a relationship, and maintaining relationships can be challenging unless your SO understands the demands of medical school.Many enter medical school with preexisting relationships; these have variable but usually respectable staying power. Nothing is more frustrating on a date that someone who is constantly checking their phone. You live a fascinating life filled with drama, comedy, and plenty of gore, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the only one who can add to the conversation. K., but don’t turn your date into a blow-by-blow reenactment of your day . It’s all well and good to be an interesting person, but it’s even better to be an interested person.A good fraction of these marry during the 4 years of med school.For the singles entering, this forces one of three choices: In practice, a large number of doctors marry other doctors, either because they met as premeds or because they began dating at some point of training (including residency, with associated sketchy stories of students dating residents or residents dating attendings.) Some, unfortunately, remain unhappily single, realizing too late that they had spent much of their youth delaying gratification.

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Just like anything else, the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be, and being relaxed and confident can sometimes make all the difference.

If you’re on call, make sure your date understands what that means and accepts the fact that you might not be fully available.

With online dating, it’s very unlikely you’re going to hit it out of the park on the first try. Know that you’re going to have to make a commitment if you’re going to be successful.

They believe that people in these types of relationships better understand the unique challenges their partners face.

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