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There are some things to keep in mind during the first part of each day when Gathering/Cleaning.

While working during the first part of the day to gather materials for completing Monookuma's Concepts, afterwards the player is allowed one block of Free Time (two on days off) to spend with one of Makoto's 14 classmates.

Though in practice, it would be more time consuming to get five, and four is much easier. Every time the player takes one of Makoto's classmates to a location, Makoto will be able to ask them a single question.

Based on how the classmate responds to the question, Makoto will earn zero, one half, or one full reputation "heart." Makoto's current reputation with all of his classmates can be checked during Free Time by speaking to Monokuma, who is located on the player's left in the common area where Free Time begins.

After finishing the first Concept, the player is awarded five Trip Tickets.

School's Out For Summer (Bronze), for completing one playthrough of School Mode, and School's Out Forever (Silver) for seeing every character ending over the course of multiple School Mode playthroughs.

Once the player is given control over how to divide Makoto and his classmates, it can be very confusing as to what to do or how best to utilize them.

If just playing through School Mode for fun, it really doesn't matter how you play.

However, the Gathering and Cleaning levels gained by Makoto and his classmates do carry over.

The only other things that carry over are Trigger Happy Hearts, if/once Makoto raises his likeability with another classmate to 10 and answers their question correctly on the 51st day.

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