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Everyone played one song from the Amchitka CD and one of their own.I joined Barbara, who has worked at Greenpeace way longer than I have, for her bluesy, apocalyptic New Orleans is Drownin’, written well before Hurricane Katrina.It sounded the way it was intended on Hugh’s grand piano.To view this exceptional performance, check out the video link here.My own work is filled with old blues feel and hymn structure and I’m not sure where this came from.

Hosting all of this, tying it all together, was Mia Sheard. Indeed, it was “Mia’s Room” that night, not Hugh’s Room. Greenpeace will post this performance on the Greenpeace Canada You Tube site in the very near future.

Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » By John Timmins Barbara Lynch at Hugh’s for Greenpeace It was June 28.

We were younger then, hopeful, and summer stretched out before us.

Other great musicians helped out like John Wojewoda who played banjo and doubled up on vocals with me on James Taylor’s Riding on a Railroad. My old (but good) friend, Brent Titcomb, a regular with Lee Harvey Osmond, accompanied Tom, and a very nice guy whose first name is Aidan (I hope?

) played a tasteful guitar for Mary Margaret and turned me on to James O’Rourke.

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