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It worked, the lone wolf in pleather stood in stunned silence, as did I at Jackie’s ferocious no-fucks feminism.

When she’s not owning MRA’s on Queen Street, you may have seen Jackie in various corners of the internet, working for The Aunties as a 24 hour a day community noticeboard, collecting donations for a number of Auckland women’s refuges, from whiteware to tampons, Christmas gifts to blue hair dye.

Just recently I was in touch with this woman who said she needed a fridge, so I jumped on Twitter and asked for a secondhand fridge.

One of the Aunties messaged me immediately and said ‘I will buy her a fridge’.

If proven, we have taken action appropriate to the severity of the misconduct."On Friday the firm announced it would open itself up to an external review in both Auckland and Wellington offices after reports of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

It followed allegations from students in a summer law clerk programme.

The first time I met Aunty Jackie she was flashing her breasts at an MRA activist on Queen Street at the end of the Women’s March.

The other biggest part for me is working on relationships.Quince said a student came to her office, saying she had attended a seminar the night before at the firm's office and was very upset."She said that after the seminar, the solicitors and students proceeded to drink the firm's bar dry and things got out of control – culminating on a number of staff having sex on the boardroom table with several students – in front of the other students."Quince said following inquiries she was satisfied there were "no question as to consent" so did not report the incident to police.However she contacted the firm and demanded a meeting with the senior staff member who had been present."He refused to meet or engage with us."She said she and another lecturer eventually met the firm's chief executive and were told the students were adults and were responsible for their own drinking.One of the girls there I asked the same question: what do you need? And I got her what she wanted which was a bag of hoodies and jeans and things. My life is varied and different and it’s a full-time job that I don’t get paid for.It’s chaotic, but I wouldn’t be doing anything else.I’ve also been working with the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective for six weeks, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s already at that stage where I know exactly what they need already.I go to our big storage unit of donations and sort out what they need.I get to hug a lot of people, and I get to see people smile.When I go to the refuge or the NZPC, I’m the voice they talk to. What were you doing before the Aunties, and how did you become involved? As I was teaching, I became more and more involved in the mums.The firm bore no responsibility for the drinking on their premises and it was none of the lecturers' business, she said she was told.Quince said the incident affected the student group "for years".

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