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I’m not sure whether or not this book is being marketed as YA or NA.The characters are in high school, but the content is pretty mature for YA.

The sets, with the help of computer-generated scenery, are likely to be a little more convincing but the show will remain a British-style space adventure with less emphasis on effects and more on plots.

Jackson died of a heart attack on 25 July 2005, aged 71.

Peter Tuddenham provided the voices of the computers aboard Liberator, (eventually three of them - Zen, Orac and Slave) regularly reprised his roles in revivals for radio, and in audio tapes made by fans.

Desperate, broke and fearful of being put in foster care, she takes her mom's ID and decides to strip for money. But I love the fact that Ella doesn’t let it get to her. I can’t stand it when the female character is weak.

So believe me when I tell you that Ella is a badass!

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