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And she graduated from the program she’s now running.

“I came back to Sitka in 1993 and started taking classes at the university, graduated from the program and then worked at Sitka Community Hospital and then at SEARHC for almost 15 years,” Gordon says.

Hood was among a group of scientists who were at the spot when the glacier calved into the basin.

Hood estimates a chunk of ice a fifth of a mile wide splashed into the basin with a cacophanous roar. More - When you look at lists like “Ten Best Jobs for the Future” or “Fastest Growing Careers” you’ll find healthcare occupations often dominate the list.

And many are in Southeast Alaska but many others are across the entire state.” ...[As] overall demand continues to increase, the seafood industry faces significant challenges including transboundary issues, poor resource management (e.g., IUU — illegal, unreported, unmanaged), environmental impacts (e.g.overfishing, habitat degradation), high product waste, food safety issues, inconsistent product quality, and product mislabeling and fraud that occur at many nodes along the supply chain. More - The laws for how granular materials flow apply even at the giant, geophysical scale of icebergs piling up in the ocean at the outlet of a glacier, scientists have shown.The massive weight of the glacier creates tiny bits of rock called glacial flour, also known as rock flour or glacial silt. More - The National Weather Service office in Juneau has canceled a flood watch for the Mendenhall River after the Mendenhall Glacier calved ice into Suicide Basin.Eran Hood, a glaciologist at the University of Alaska Southeast, said it was quite spectacular.“It’s going to be a gathering around our wisdom.” This five day event hopes to draw participants from all ages and backgrounds and open a conversation on the importance of indigenous people’s knowledge in the 21st century and its everyday role in people’s lives. More - The University of Alaska announced Thursday that Louise Kadake is the recipient of its 2018 Teach for Alaska Scholarship award for aspiring Alaska teachers.Kadake, a lifelong resident of Kake, will receive a ,000 scholarship to study teacher education at the University of Alaska Southeast.Thornton is a renowned researcher who currently teaches at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Speaking before the family and friends gathered in the UAS Recreation Center, Chancellor Rick Caulfield spoke about the unique features of Southeast students.“Many of whom are nontraditional students, raising a family, working a job or two,” he said. Two-thirds of our graduates and our students are female.The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published the findings, describing the dynamics of the clog of icebergs — known as an ice mélange — in front of Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier.The fast-moving glacier is considered a bellwether for the effects of climate change. More - University of Alaska Southeast- Sitka campus is finally getting a new campus director.

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