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TMZ has obtained graphic images from Farrah Abraham's upcoming sex tape ... The 21-year-old "Teen Mom" star initially denied there even was a XXX tape -- but came clean about its existence last month, after her co-star James Deen blew the lid off her little plot. The tape's now called "Farrah Abraham: Backdoor Teen Mom" ...

It is far from complete but I thought I'd follow the "publish early, publish often" philosophy on this one...

PC/SC (MUSCLE) devices, such as the Omnikey Card Man are also supported. I get lots of emails asking where to buy readers/writers, so if you are looking for hardware, RFIDIOt custom built kit and other items I use for testing can be purchased here.

October 2012: Migrated source code to Laurie/RFIDIOt.

October 2008: version 0.1t released with support for JCOP Machine Readable Travel Documents (von Jeek emulator and JMRTD - A Free Implementation of Machine Readable Travel Documents). first cut of EMV Chip And PIN credit card reading script (currently for PC/SC readers only). There's no reason it couldn't work with others, these are just the first ones I got my hands on, and since they present themselves to the O/S as standard serial devices without having to install any drivers, it made interfacing very simple (but see the Technical Note section below as I've had some issues recently).

April 2008: Windows distribution of RFIDIOt now available! I have written some example programs to read/write tags and have started on the library routines to handle the data structures of specific tags like MIFARE.

Speaking of which, I finally got around to bringing lib NFC support up to date, so it now works with libnfc 1.6.0-rc1. This is an open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform suitable for Bluetooth experimentation, designed by Michael Ossmann. It brings hardware that is normally in the realms of thousands of pounds down to under 100! You can build it yourself from the plans on his site, or order it ready built.

September 2011: Added Throwing Star LAN Tap to shop. December 2009 : Beta release 1.0b-beta integrates new version of libnfc wrapper (pynfc ver 0.2), which works with the latest libnfc SVN repo (r245).

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