Single black females amp interracial dating

Intellectuals did in fact embrace HBD–it just so happens that they ended up rejecting after generations of examination. Now you will hear many times how scientific racists say that we don’t know that the races are equal.

You’ll often hear the strawman argument of: Indeed, it’s impossible to test across different populations fairly, as one would have to compare populations of equal wealth, education, etc.

The Bell Curve wasn’t nearly as racist as people made it out–the race thing was only a small part of the book–but it was a turning point for the resurgence of the movement.

Years later, I first saw the term “Human Biodiversity” years ago when I read Steve Sailer’s “Is Love Colorblind“–which pushed a common theory on why there are more AF/WM and WF/BM couples than WF/AM and BF/WM couples.

It’s like, “Dude, that’s so 1800’s.” Actually there is a difference between in the 1800’s and now, but we’ll get to that later.

Racism started in Europe, and actually began within the realm of science.

Outside of the expected angry White dudes who perpetuate this stuff, there is a HUGE cohort of angry Asian American men who think like the gentleman above–blacks are mentally inferior, Asians are mentally superior, and Whites are comfortably in the middle.

Racism developed prior to slavery although it was later reinforced by slavery.After years of debating and exploring “Human Biodiversity” (HBD), a.k.a.“Scientific” Racism, I thought it might be good for me to say my final word–much as I did with the Pick Up Artist debate.), and during his time here, we had a few conversations online as well (see here and here).I had no idea that there were so many Asian American guys who were adherents of this internet HBD movement.Far from being the product of irrationality, fear and hatred, racism developed in Europe as a prodcut of Enlightenment, part of a rational and scientific project to understand the world.” Contrary to the oft-heard-but-incorrect HBD proponents’ claim that “Intellectuals have not attempted to embrace the idea of HBD,” intellectuals started “HBD.” Only it wasn’t called HBD back then, and most of them were simply playing with ideas which were not part of their main body of work.D’Souza later goes on to discuss how many scientists and scientific racists back then were the same people.The Origins of Scientific Racism As many have pointed out, HBD is similar to Intelligent Design in that it’s an old idea repackaged with a new name.Just as Intelligent Design IS Creationism, HBD IS scientific racism. Which is why I cringe every time some Asian American male HBDer starts spouting off pseudo-scientific nonsense as if it were something brand new to the world.In a multicultural society, these two groups of individuals will come together, far more often than an Asian male with a white female. Hell, there’s not much he can do against a beta Jew (BTW,this is not me, I’m 6-1 and athletic).Additionally, Asian female visual-spatial IQ=white male visual-spatial IQ, another reason why the two groups are so compatible.

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