Speed dating housemates

You'll record on your check list whether you'd consider living with each of the people opposite you and take their details We're charging a very reasonable £2 for this session because there's a lot of behind the scenes work that happens.

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You are given a free drink ticket and then are free to roam, scanning others’ chests to find someone whose needs fit yours in terms of housing.

According to Joshua Wellman, the event’s host, out of about 150 registrants per event, about half show up -- the ratio of male-to-female is about even, and the ratio to apartment seekers to those who want to rent a room is two-to-one.

The event attracts people of all ages and income brackets.

Perfect for students who weren't in halls, or fancy a change before they move into rented private accommodation.

We'll set you up in a timed circuit and give you 2 - 3 minutes to talk to the potential flatmate in front of you before working your way around the room.

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