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Simply activate this mod before activating other mods, so that all other mods "win".

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have the Pip-Boy glove disabled (Altered Mesh: \Armor\Enclave Officer\glovel.nif, \Armor\Enclave Officer\gloveml.nif).targets with the BB Gun." yet you could shoot 1 target 3 times, fixed only 1 target having a quest marker on it (other 2 didn't have the condition setup correctly) also the quest marker on the target will now vanish once you shoot it (Altered Script: CG02Target SCRIPT, Altered Quest: CG02).condition was set to "Get Is ID" instead of "Get Day Of Week" (Altered Terminal: Irving Cheng Terminal, MS12Tenpenny Irving Cheng Terminal)."Fallout - Menu Voices.bsa", you'll now be able to listen to alot more dialogue in the G. " 18637).(Altered Ingestible: Junk Food).instead of the dirty\old texture (Altered Armor: KIDOutfit Prewar Child Old).objective and the terminal wasn't being displayed as an objective even though it was setup to (don't think terminals can be marked as objectives?

He is a true champion of this mod's preservation.

APipino - creator of ordenador texture optimizer found on Nexus: (James Dizzle) for Rivet City crash fix.

Anchorage installed, it is now as it should be, an Overcoat (Altered Armor: DLC05General Chases Overcoat, DLC05Medals)(Altered Static: DLC051st Person Alien Blaster Clean).(Altered Mesh: dlc05alienpistol.nif). DLC05Weap Rifle Unique, New Mesh: _1stpersonhahandgrip2_railwayrifle.kf, _1stpersonhajamh.kf, _1stpersonhareloadh.kf, _malehahandgrip2_railwayrifle.kf, _malehajamh.kf, _malehareloadh.kf).

DLC05Alien Epoxy, Altered Script: DLC05Alien Epoxy Effect SCRIPT, New Message: UF3PAlien Epoxy).dlc05alien2.nif, dlc05alien3.nif).

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