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There is a legend that Tullus was killed by lightning when he was "meddling" with the weather.During the reign of Ancus Martius, the next king, a number of troublesome Latin cities were conquered, and their inhabitants were brought to Rome.Beware religious sensibilities but ham this up as much as possible – bring in toy shepherds and lowing cattle if possible – it has to be memorable! ’ The answer should be clear – he or she is first in the row and you can add a large 1 to the sheet of paper below the dates. Repeat with pupil/century 2 – which century are you?Leave the baby Jesus there in the middle throughout the activity. Ask what BC and AD mean – work with the baby Jesus to underline the answers. Now turn to the pupils in the timeline – explain that each person is a century (you’ll need to develop questions e.g. The second – here you can act confused to mimic the confusion that is often in pupils’ minds – are you sure?Ancus Martius is said to have built Rome's seaport Ostia at the mouth of the Tiber.

The old legends say that Romulus founded the city in 753 BC when the settlements on the seven hills were united.

Both of these works were written long after the events they tell of, and neither is complete.

They are the histories of Livy and the 'Roman Antiquities' of Dionysius of Halicarnassus.

This activity is based on the ’Timeline’ style of model; for more examples of this model, click here. Equipment –you need some large pieces of paper for students to hold and write on. Create a large empty space in which you will develop the timeline and put up large notices saying BC and AD either side of the centre point. Begin with just five pupils in the timeline, two on the BC side and 3 on the AD side.

Leave a sizeable gap between the 2 BC students and the three AD students.

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