Twitter tools widget not updating age dating of basalt

Is it me or is there issues with twitter and wordpress…I have tried several twitter widgets and none of them work.It seemed to be affecting other twitter widgets as well. Savvy and have tried doing investigations on forums, but I still can’t fix the problem.Let us know if this helps – The solution is simply updating a line of code for your widget: Hello everybody, come one everyone its very simple! Urban Skate L said like 20 posts up this discussion. You appear to be the guru of twitter and blog issues. This is the current setting for my twitter widget in my blog: Tweets by @Shoebox Shimmy Is there something missing from this thread that’s preventing my blog from downloading my new tweets? Stephanie I’ve installed several twitter plugins to a wordpress site that I’m developing for a client, and have found the process to be extremely frustrating because none of them seem to work.

Widgets) for a client and implemented it in his website.Removing that customization sorted out my refreshing problems - it appears to poll for new tweets every 30s or so.Hi, I’ve been using an Embedded Timeline (search by hashtag) on a website and in the last month all has been working successfully.The widget worked fine until a couple of weeks ago.My client did change his Username and after that, the twitter feed did not update anymore. It works fine if I copy/paste the snippet exactly as it comes from the widget wizard/generator.But when I add my customization attributes, the updates stop working.I created a new HTML document and copy-and-pasted HTML generated by Twitter’s markup generators for an Embedded Timeline widget. I tested the URL on Windows 8.1 IE 11, Windows 8 IE 10, and Windows 7 IE 9, 10, and 11 with no visible issues.Hi everyone, This post is to let you know about our plan to fully drop widgets support for IE7 imminently, and a proposal to drop support for IE8 in January 2015. About 18 months ago we updated our browser support for Twitter for Websites widgets-js to drop IE6 and move IE7 into a “partially support” state ('m updating today to let you know that we're considering the next round of browser support upd…

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