Updating fuse box

When a circuit is overloaded the conductors will start to produce heat which in turn can melt the insulation covering and cause an electrical fire.

Rather than installing larger fuses and circuit breakers, do it the right way by breaking up reducing the number of outlets on overloaded circuits.

Fuses contain a narrow strip of metal which is designed to melt (safely) when the current exceeds the rated value, thereby interrupting the power to the circuit.These days’ houses are wired much differently with circuit breaker panels housing 32 to 40 branch circuits.The big advantage of circuit breakers is that they can be reset where fuses have only one life.To reset a circuit breaker first turn it all the way off and then you can switch it back to the on position. It's a good idea if your home has a fuse box to keep 1 or 2 spares of each size fuse right beside the fuse panel so that you can find them easily when needed.It is highly recommended that you replace your old fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel.Feel free to Give Expert Electric a call and we will be very happy to help you at any time.If a circuit is overloaded or it shorts, the breaker will trip and cut off electricity to prevent fire and/or electrocution. If you DO want to use a number of appliances in a certain area of your home and don’t have enough power Expert Electric would be happy to run additional circuits to the area requiring more electrical power.A dangerous situation may occur if a cable carries more current than it's rated for.Large cables, with less resistance, can carry more current than smaller cables, which have more resistance.You will find that older homes have few branch circuits where everything seems to run off of one or two fuses which creates the problem of tripped breakers or blown fuses.You may think that the solution to this would be to simply install a larger circuit breaker or fuse.

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