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It will help your body work more efficiently, keep your muscles properly aligned, relieve aches and pains, the workout. A full body exercise that can challenge you anywhere.

Simply eating a serving (or two or five) will help you feel refreshed and healthier.

It doesn’t have to be an hour long session, but simply getting up and moving around regularly throughout your day has been linked to better overall health.

While vitamins never take place of a solid, nutritious diet, many of us can all use a little help with a multi-vitamin.

Natural nut butter is a healthy choice for unsaturated fats…but it’s still 100 calories per tablespoon. Dave Ramsey (Financial expert extraordinaire) recommends this point you made and someone else has already done the work for you!

I’m using E-Mealz ( to plan 7 meals/week for my family.

Head out around the neighborhood when you get home.

Instead of sitting in your desk chair all day, take a few 5-10 minute walking breaks sporadically.

It all goes back to little changes adding up over time.

Saying “no” even just once can reaffirm your willpower and that you make healthy decisions. Choose clothing that fits your current body and leaves you feeling good. When you’re prepared, it’s easier to stick with the changes. I know I have a tendency to focus on the future instead of appreciating where I am at this current moment. I am doing a few of these today: pushups and situps in my hotel room (check), wear a flattering outfit (check, check), and another for me – drink a lot of water! My dualistic personality sometimes gets the best of me.

Do some prep work to make those choices more accessible. I don’t have the all or nothing mindset with food but i seem to have it with working out. I am doing a day of lifting today during naptime, even if i only get 10 minutes in before the little princess wakes up wanting to eat! Also, honoring where you are right at this moment is important. Alright, Tina, I’m motivated now – things are going to change!

They have a new plan for Whole Foods/Natural Foods and that’s the one I’m using. Recently I’ve decided that any time I’m craving a snack during the work day, I get up, do a quick circuit (pushups, situps, squats, something simple) for about 5 minutes or so to really try to determine if I still want that snack. There’s definitely a few on here that I need to do a better job of putting into practice as well.

It’s a site made by moms for moms, and they give you a grocery list (-/week) based on your families preferences, #of people in your family, and EVEN based on your preferred grocery store’s sales for the week!

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