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Illumos supports a '' option, where hosts specified in it don't remap UID 0, and this is applied to them separately from whether they have read or read/write permissions.

In Linux, UID 0's mapping (or lack of it) is part of a NFS client's options, and so it must be specified together with whether the client has read or read/write permission.

This will be the last year that VMworld is at Mandalay Bay – it should make a return to San Francisco’s Moscone Center for 2019.This makes it impossible to translate some Illumos settings without changing your netgroups and makes translating others require local knowledge (for example, of what netgroups are a subset of what other ones).(Linux is more flexible here in some ways, but you have to want to map UID 0 to different UIDs for different clients.) We're fortunately not doing anything tricky with our Illumos permissions; the machines that we give root access to are always a subset of the machines that we give read/write access to.If you do this a lot you presumably create yourself a superset netgroup, but that doesn't necessarily scale if you're doing this on an ad-hoc basis with various different shares, as we are.The one place where Illumos and Linux are different in an important way for us is remapping or not remapping UID 0.Which led to my tweet: Today I learned that Fedora 27 and 28 kernels after 4.17.3 are known to panic under high IO load.Better late than never, but I could have used that knowledge before upgrading the office machine to 4.17.5. To my surprise, this actually is a (general) Linux kernel bug, not any of the third party modules it happens.Linux kernel driver code is a little bit more likely to have bugs.) So I assumed that the cause of my sudden panics was probably ZFS on Linux (an assumption helped along when I accidentally ran my machine without the VMWare modules and it still paniced).After some diagnostic work, I reduced things down to a belief of 'Zo L and the latest Fedora kernels don't like each other', went to report an issue, and found Zo L issue #7723 and thus Fedora #1598462.I don't use a binary GPU driver, but there's the latest git tip of ZFS on Linux, VMWare's kernel modules, and an out of tree it87 module in order to support my motherboard's sensors (for as long as that keeps working). There's a long standing saying in programming that 'it's never a compiler bug'.I have a similar rule of thumb about kernel panics; given that I use a number of third party modules, especially the VMWare modules, any kernel panics I run into are caused by them.

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