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The mounts are permanent, and are the same for both Horde and Alliance. ")Equip these goggles, and you'll view every character or NPC you meet as either a gnome (Alliance) or orc (Horde). , so that no longer gives me access to his account.Head into the nearby town (Kharanos or Durotar) and grab a keg from the NPC standing next to the stack of barrels.Run your ram back to the festival and drop off the keg.This is a delivery quest with a build-in time limit.Pick up the quest at the festival grounds, and you'll be given a racing ram.

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Loot them, and you'll get this quest to find Coren Direbrew in the Grim Guzzler in BRD. Reward: Dark Iron Tankard (a level 54 off-hand which you can drink from).

He'll toss you a sampler, which you can then drink.

Once it's empty, chuck the empty mug at a marauding dwarf.

You should be able to get 40-50 tickets a day this way, once you get the hang of the ram.

This stamp certifies you as an official Brewfest ram rider, allowing you to purchase both the normal level 40 Brewfest Ram (for 10g) or the Swift Brewfest Riding Ram (100g).

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