Wpf listview observablecollection not updating

If an app was previously relying on the Ambiguous Match Exception, reflection should now be used to explicitly look for multiple indexers, instead.

ETW Event Listeners with a blank keyword mask do not properly capture events from providers with explicit keywords. NET Framework 4.5, the TPL provider began providing explicit keywords and triggered this issue. NET Framework 4.6, Event Listeners have been updated to no longer have this issue.

Event Listener truncates strings with embedded nulls.

Null characters are not supported by the Event Source class.

Converting dates between the Persian Calendar and other calendars may produce a slightly different result beginning with the .

NET Framework 4.6 for dates earlier than 1800 or later than 2023 (Gregorian). Min Supported Date Time is now Be aware that some early or late dates may be slightly different when using the Persian Calendar in . Also, when serializing dates between processes which may run on different . NET methods began throwing first chance Entry Point Not Found Exceptions. NET Framework, but could break test automation that did not expect the first chance exceptions.

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Be aware that Get Custom Attribute(s) will work more frequently now.

If this behavior is undesirable, the connection pool blocking period can be configured by setting the Pool Blocking Period property introduced in the . The value of the property is a member of the Pool Blocking Period enumeration that can take either of three values: Open() and Open Async(Cancellation Token) fail in the .

NET Framework 4.5 if running on a Windows 7 machine with a non-IFS Winsock BSP or LSP are present on the computer.

Runtime changes affect all apps that are running under a .

NET Framework it was not compiled against and that use a particular feature.

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