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Employers’ need to be more open-minded though – a candidate might not be perfect on paper, but they might be perfect in person or have the potential to grow, something you won’t find out unless you give that person a chance and invite them for an interview.Has there been a shift to hiring someone for their personality and skills rather than just their ability to do the job?

However, if you’re looking for a deep connection and a serious relationship, chances are you’re extremely frustrated with dating. It’s a fact: singles seeking a true partnership and commitment are more dissatisfied with their dating lives than ever before.

With the growing number of dating sites and apps, your dating pool continues to expand.

This has resulted in more first dates than ever before.

In dating, everyone has things that they’re looking for – some people might just be going for looks, others are looking for personality and some people are looking for a variety of different things – it’s the same when you’re looking for somebody to join your company.

You’re looking for someone with the skills, personality and culture fit – someone that meets the right criteria and ticks certain boxes.

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