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The money dialogue was especially eye-opening to me - I was able to discover the deeper emotional issues that were holding me back around money, as well as practical action steps I could take in my personal finances."Now that I'm the one in charge of the "safety net" of my inheritance, your book is the *only* one I have every found that really explained investing in a simple, useful, non-intimidating, non-MEGO (my eyes glaze over) way.I've recommended it to everyone I know, and will continue to do so.We are thrilled to announce the next Fin Dating will not keep you waiting.We are genuinely happy for those who will take part in the upcoming edition of the event, as it will be even more remarkable, innovative and exceptional.

Some 100 attendees were exhibitors and visitors of Fin Dating, including representatives of such companies as Meta Quotes Software Corp., Swiss Futures and Options Association, CRFIN, Rietumu, Cy SEC, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Cité Gestion, Forex FS, Swiss Resource Capital AG, Solid FX, CHEKus Media Group, HD Forex, Offshore Premium and Fin Graphs. Throughout the whole day participants were building productive relationships with new business partners, attracting investors, shaking hands, negotiating and closing deals, enlarging customer list, as well as exchanging ideas, experience, sharing their professional expertise and knowledge in a smart-luxury atmosphere of Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva.

Your Step-By-Step approach is helpful, informative and encouraging. I loved the fantasy obituary, what a unique and insightful exercise.

Your book will be my guide and companion as I continue my journey to feeling "Money Sure!

Such a spectacular event requires a dashing chic soirée.

This is why a very special Geneva Forex Event is organized featuring an exquisite after-party in collaboration with Versace.

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