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Interventions in verbal harassment also increased, and rape by boyfriends and friends of girls in schools where 'Your Moment of Truth' was taught dropped by 20 percent, from 61 to 49 percent, the researchers said."Our main focus on the curriculum is positive masculinity for the boys, positive empowerment, and actually making them gentlemen on issues to do with the prevention of rape and standing up for the rights of women," said Omondi, dressed in a black T-shirt with NO!

emblazoned on the front."If they say the boys are actually the problem, we the boys can actually be part of the solution," he added.

The restaurant became the focus of city authorities after furious residents took to social media to denounce an apparently racist policy of not allowing African patrons to eat there after 5pm -- pushing #Racist Restaurant, #No Blacks Here and #The Chinese Invasion to be top trending topics.

Every secondary school child in Nairobi – some 130,000 students – will undergo the six-week programme by the end of 2017 with funding from the British government, which is focusing aid on finding out what works to prevent violence against women.

MINISKIRTSOne in four women and girls in Nairobi's most dangerous slums has been sexually assaulted, Ujamaa said.

Its 'No Means No Worldwide' programme started teaching self-defence to Nairobi schoolgirls in 2010.

Ujamaa expanded the programme to include boys that same year, as the girls said that the main perpetrators of rape were their boyfriends.

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