You too nice your dating partner

Most people know at least one person who has a crazy girlfriend or douchebag boyfriend and if not, then it's possible you're that person in the crappy relationship.The only question that's ever asked in this situations is, “Why are you with this him/her?If you're anything like my wife, things can be said or done that you wouldn't think could come out of a loving human being so small.

Every chance the ex-bestie got, she would let me know what a terrible mistake I had made.

And what is the hidden meaning behind "You're just too nice"?

Here are five signs you should watch out for if you feel like the single life is calling you: Arguing can be a very nasty battle that no one wants to be a part of.

As the push-over, this is the worst possible position you can be in. If it's a serious relationship, it should be one of the top priorities in your life.

You waited too long to take a stand, and chances are, you're eventually going to walk out of the confrontation giving the other person more power. Once you and another person agree to be together, you're sworn to protect each other, love each other and confide in each other.

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