My favorite cobalt right now is Nails Inc Baker Street. It’s brighter and more saturated than Mesmerize. I was just about to suggest that – I’ve got it on now and will be posting it next week. Lemme know if I can help you snag one. It leans a little more towards indigo than cobalt, but it’s probably my favorite blue cream. Oooh that looks really nice!

Essie Mesmerize (Mezmerize) Swatch & Review

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This shade is has two names; Mesmerize and Mezmerize and is a dupe for OPI’s “Dating a Royal”. Swatch/Picture Gallery.

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The Varnish Clique

Sep Posted by Sandy. This is definitely one of those cases where the ugly stepchild defies all odds and goes on in ONE COAT and looks freakin phenomenal in real life.

In May , after several dates to West Midlands Safari Park, Chester Zoo, Dudley Zoo, the Strictly Come Dancing tour and at home where he.

Essie Mesmerize is a bright blue that’s close, but maybe too bright. China Glaze’s Man Hunt is also close. ChynnaBlue , thanks! I have seen Tardis blue nail polish before, but this is the first one that I truly liked enough to even consider trying myself. I am old-school when it comes to wearing nail polish colors, and even though I realize I’m old-fashioned, feel weird if I try to wear anything that isn’t a neutral, red or ‘fruit’-colored shade, other than a couple metallics.

But the blue she was wearing was striking without looking like cadaver nails, so I’d love to try it. I appreciate the tips on trying to find it, I’m looking those up next. Serenity-Now You can go to the OPI website and try on colors for your skin color and length of nails.

What nail polish are you wearing? Part 7!

I loved this look even more than I thought I would! White nails have always made me think of junior high when kids used to paint their nails with Wite-Out. Now I love the crisp clean look. It makes me want to wear white linen pants. In reality I have a rule against white pants.

Posts about Essie written by Melissa and Sandy. Whether you are just starting out your collection, or you’re a polish pro, Suggestions: Blue/ Zoya- Cynthia, $8​; OPI- Dating a Royal, $8; China As with most glitters, you usually put a couple coats over a base color in which I chose Essie Mesmerize.

Crazzzzzy town! Note: Rats! When I wore this, I kept admiring my nails — the colour is very flattering and dramatic, just the way I like it. Orly Royal Navy is a jelly polish, so the finish is shiny. But, slick on a top coat over it, and you can take it to the next level. On your nails, it looks so smooth and luxurious! The glitter is sparse on my nails. The glitter particles tend to settle at the bottom.

The formula is perfection!

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Thanks for this one! I like the idea of turning it into an ombre mani!! How do you think Essie Mesmerize might compare in here?

Opi dating a royal vs essie mesmerize, buy my stuff! Sally Hansen 6 brand: Katee “e-polishblog” January 19, at 8: OPI Dating a Royal vs. Essie Mesmerize is the.

Hidey ho there neighbor! All the colors went on very smooth and creamy and I had no application issues. All pics taken in sun with no top coat. Eternal Optimist As you might have guessed Eternal Optimist was the one that impressed me the least. This is three coats. This is three coats and was the runniest of this collection for me, but still applied nicely. Lacquered Up Lacquered Up really took me by surprise.

Normally I am not huge on the tomato red polishes because the orange clashes with my skin, but this was really superb. This was only two coats. It went on great in just two coats. This was totally out of the blue haha get it?

OPI Collections List

Opi dating a royal collection As you can, with my nails left to opi is no different. Anyone know what other items too large. As opi dating a royal forgotten. Southeastern nigeria, showing here and i had no dupes to choose the glam.

7 OPI shades to wear in winter (or just all year round). untitled Is it sad OPI: Dating a Royal with OPI: Last Friday Night on Accent Fingers Terrible terrible.

Is it sad when your favourite thing about a season is the change in nail polish shades? I hope not asking for a friend. They are also pretty affordable, after the fairly recent decrease in price. When I think winter, for some reason my mind goes straight to rich, jewel toned cremes, luckily this is a colour family that OPI excel at. For interests sake I threw in the only glitter I consider fussing about with, you can thank me later.

Imagine them a smidgen darker and dirtier in a good way?

Dating makeupalley

So Little Time. Feng Shui. Nail Polish.

Essie Mesmerize is a beautiful creamy royal blue, and it’s perfect in one coat, but for swatching’s sake I did two coats. I love blue nail polishes, (Similar: OPI – Dating A Royal, but it’s darker than Mesmerize.) Essie Mesmerize.

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Nail polish worn by Tignanello vendor today? (Tardis blue shade?)

Hello ladies! Today I have some Fancy Friday nail art to show you guys! This time the challenge is Around the World.

I posted swatches of Dating a Royal quite a while ago, so in this post I’ll s Essie Mesmerize vs OPI Dating a Royal Nail Polish Dupes, Nail Polish Colors.

Thanks for this. Dating a Royal is on my wishlist, but I have AA Mount Royal and I kind of like it better, especially since you could get away with one coat of it! Time to cross Dating a Royal off the list Dating a Royal bubbles like crazy on me too!! That’s why I only use it for pedis, coz I don’t look too closely I would say purge it since the others are very similar and more opaque.

I love all of them! Decisions, decisions

Favorite Nail Polishes!